About Us

Vipathorn Organic Store

Vipathorn Agi Food Co., Ltd. was registered company for manage domestic sales of Foodle Noodle products. However, we would like to handle many organic products from our associated organic manufactures. We may not carry conventional grocery products but we will do only organic products with International organic standard.

Foodle Noodle produces, Vipathorn Organic sells.

Foodle Noodle Co., Ltd. founded in 2013 starting from small facility with strong commitment to be organic rice noodles producer only. Starting with EU organic standard, Foodle Noodle exported to many countries in Europe with both Foodle Noodle brands and OEM brands. Foodle Noodle cooperated with groups of farmers and support them to grow organic rice and certified International organic standard. We are now certified EU / COR / USDA and JAS organic standard. We expand the market to South East Asia, Middle-East and USA.

Foodle Noodle, organic rice noodle and organic rice vermicelli.

“Live along nature, eating alive with organic”